A trauma-informed approach to chronic pain, Mark Grant

In this workshop, Mark will describe how to apply hypnosis in trauma-informed approach including:

  • 4 key uses of hypnosis in resolving MUS
  • How to assess dissociation and hypnotisability
  • How to access unconscious trauma or conflict that may be maintaining symptoms
  • A hypnotic system (12 trances) for overcoming MUS
  • Hypnotic strategies for repairing compartmentalisation
  • How to integrate hypnosis with EMDR

This workshop will consist of didactic and experiential content, including case videos. This workshop aims to elevate your application of hypnosis beyond symptom relief and impart powerful tools for alleviating suffering  and promoting real healing. In addition to various pain relief strategies you will leave with at least one process for clearing emotional blockages and one process for rapidly accessing client resources.



Curing Anxiety, Patrick McCarthy

In this workshop, you will learn an innovative way to actually cure anxiety in just five therapy sessions, learn the three step mechanisms that are always present in all versions of anxiety and in all conditions that arise from anxiety and the necessary antidote to each step. Anxiety can also be the root cause of tension headaches, TMJ problems, tongue thrusting, stutter, cervical dystonia, palpitations, vomiting, IBS, irritable bladder, infertility, and skin problems to name but just a few. When you can cure the anxiety the end-organ problem usually goes away.


No need for taking a history, or asking about reasons for anxiety or triggers, or any traditional WHY WHAT WHERE WHEN or WHO.

You will be offered a 95% meticulously scripted five therapy session program. This will include the crucial intake session with an intake goal of raising hope and expectancy.

Anxiety need not be simply reduced or helped or dampened. Learn how to cure it!



Rites of Passage: Using Hypnotic Interventions to Heal Grief and Loss, Diane McGreal and Glenda Robertson

Di and Glenda will review the recent research looking at grief and loss and clients’ experiences of, and reaction to, these. They will then demonstrate and practise specific hypnotic techniques, which are based on regression and progression hypnosis, which you will be able to immediately utilise in your practice. You will leave the workshop with enhanced clinical skills to assist clients to process grief and loss and in doing so significantly enhance their quality of life.


Mark Grant MA is an Australian Psychologist/researcher, with 30 years experience and a particular interest in the impact of stress on health and the involvement of the brain in stress. He likes to take a creative but practical approach to creating tools for undoing the effects of severe stress; ie, strategies that harness innate brain capabilities. He is definitely someone who is prepared to look outside traditional approaches, to do what works best for his clients rather than what is in some text-book. In addition to various research papers, apps and other audio downloads he is the author of Change Your Brain Change Your Pain (self-help) and Pain Control with EMDR (clinical treatment manual).

Patrick McCarthy MB ChB first trained in hypnosis in 1991. By 1993 he was President of the NZSH and already an international hypnosis speaker. He has been a multiple Toastmaster Champion, award winning actor, stand up comedian, Improv actor, author, playwright and even briefly appeared in the movie Avatar. He is a performer and entertainer and not just a presenter. He has given highly rated hypnosis workshops in NZ, Australia, UK, Canada, USA, France, Denmark, Norway and Germany and spent 25 years seeking and finally finding the cure for anxiety.

Patrick’s new book: How to Cure Anxiety in Just Five Therapy Sessions

Di McGreal PhD is a Psychologist who runs a long-standing clinical practice in Frankston Melbourne. She has wide experience in a number of therapies and treats a wide range of clinical issues, all designed to promote clients’ wellbeing and positive living. Di has significant experience as a hypnosis practitioner and utilises trance with the majority of her clients. She is also an experienced hypnosis trainer, providing student supervision in the Society’s Postgraduate Training Course, as well as regularly running workshops and online hypnosis training. Di’s new book is scheduled for publication in 2023 in the mean time You Can be Happy – 101 Ways to Smile by Diane McGreal and Sandra C. Brown is available at  You Can be Happy – 101 Ways to Smile

Glenda Robertson MBusPsych is a Psychotherapist with 15 years experience, specialising in working with clients who are suffering trauma, grief and loss. Her therapeutic approach is eclectic and includes Multi Systemic Therapy and Clinical Hypnosis, an approach designed to enhance clients’ coping and positive wellbeing. Glenda has conducted grief and loss counselling nationally for twenty-five years.