Stories, Hypnosis and Laughter. A Shamanic approach to finding joy and resilience in challenging times.

Dr. James Bramson

  • How to find joy and hope in the midst of not-so-good news.
  • You will learn how hypnosis, positive psychology, and shamanism can be combined to heal yourself and the very clients you serve.
  •  Specific hypnosis scripts and tools predicated on shamanic principles that can lead to better outcomes will be utilised.
  • You will come to understand the importance of laughter as a great equaliser and preventive tool.
  • Learn how we can play a vital role in helping our clients become resilient and whole and accept ‘what is’, in order to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

In recent time there has been a global trauma and general malaise afloat. The pandemic has changed the landscape of the world. Not since the Spanish Flu has the world been so impacted by an insidious contagion or series of deadly viruses. It appears that pandemics may be fashion forward, much like senseless wars and political infighting in an increasingly divided world. We are still learning to come to terms with global warming, deadly viruses, and the real economic and emotional fallout.


Stories and Metaphors – The Oldest Therapy.
How to create them, find them and use them.

Dr. Doris Brett

This workshop will introduce you to the use of stories and metaphors in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. You will learn why these methods can be so much more powerful than standard didactic methods of instruction, as well as how to find and create your own stories and metaphors and how to use them in therapy.

This workshop will discuss the original teaching tales, stories and metaphors – the repositories of collective wisdom?

  • Stories told in ancient times, around campfires, at initiation ceremonies, while walking between camps, at religious ceremonies, tending cattle or seeking berries contain powerful messages about how to live, how to manage and understand the dangers, stresses, and confusions of everyday life.
  • We take these stories and learn from them in modern times, although in a vastly greater variety of forms – ranging from books, films, internet memes and reality TV right through to our centuries-old bed-time and fairy stories.

Metaphors can range from the short and pithy, e.g. ‘One swallow doesn’t make a summer’, to the longer, fully formed narrative of the folktale. They can come from personal experience, from mythic stories, from our own unconscious in the form of dreams and from a myriad of other sources. They are a powerful source of learning in life and in therapy. Stories draw us in, to be nourished by their teaching, while lectures repel and diminish us.

We are made up of stories:

The stories we tell ourselves about who we are, the stories others tell us, the stories by which we understand our world, our relationships, our actions and reactions. These stories – our explanatory narratives – shape our experience of everything. Change the narrative and you change the experience.

This workshop will focus on therapeutic communication and change through stories, anecdotes and metaphors – a way of communicating that is more subtle, more captivating and more powerful than didactic statements, which are often resisted. Learn ways of communicating with your clients that enhance your therapeutic power in whatever modality you work in.


Creation Stories

Local Indigenous Leaders

Details to come


Relating Creation Stories to Hypnosis

Details to come.


Metaphors for Rapid Hypnotic Inductions
Demonstrations and Applications

Dr. Michael Golblatt

Rapid hypnosis inductions offer efficient calming and pain management in medical contexts. By swiftly accessing patients’ subconscious, these techniques aid anxiety reduction, anaesthesia preparation, and discomfort alleviation. Proper training ensures safe implementation, enhancing patient comfort and expediting medical procedures.

  • Experience the power of rapid induction hypnosis.
  • Learn techniques to induce deep trance states quickly and effectively.
  • Explore applications in therapy, stress reduction, and performance enhancement.
  • Hands-on training, empowering you to harness the potential of rapid hypnosis in various contexts.


Dr. James Bramson

Dr. Bramson Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY-19459), Social Worker (LCS-19040) and Executive Coach has been providing therapeutic services since 1985, and organisational consultation and executive coaching since 1995.

Dr. Bramson is an effective, caring, results oriented therapist and coach. He empowers clients to maximize their strengths and achieve significant short and long term goals. He utilizes an integrative approach that promotes self-awareness, confidence and the courage to live an authentic life. Dr. Bramson also believes that a therapist or coach should be an active collaborator rather than a passive ‘listening ear’. He believes that a client’s concerns should be addressed each session and that unconscious thoughts and feelings need to be brought into awareness. Dr. Bramson stresses that a psychologist should be a guide, Shaman, healer, trained expert, who helps people envision and experience optimal relationships. He ascribes to the philosophy that our thoughts and beliefs create our reality and that emotional awareness and practical solutions emerge when we quiet our minds, and balance our lives. Therapy can be a transforming process as it opens up the possibility for change in every critical aspect of your life.

Dr. Doris Brett

Dr. Doris Brett has worked as a clinical psychologist for 50 years. She is also a multi-award winning poet and writer. Her book on therapeutic stories for children, Annie Stories, was one of the first books published on narrative therapy. Her latest book Philomella and the Impossible Forest  is a children’s fantasy adventure novel, that also addresses emotional issues which have been troubling for many kids, particularly in the age of COVID. Books and Publishing said about it ‘… the world Brett has created is needed now more than ever… Philomella is exactly the hero we need right now!’

Dr. Michael Golblatt

Dr. Goldblatt, a specialist anaesthetist, is Medical Director of Glo Clinical Hypnosis,  a Member of the Australian Society of Hypnosis, a Board Member of the South Australian Society of Hypnosis, and a member of the Australian Society of Psychological Medicine. He has taught hypnosis nationally and internationally.

He was introduced to hypnosis after a family member was successfully treated for severe anxiety and founded Glo Clinical Hypnosis together with Dr Aparna Lockie.

He says “It’s true that hypnosis can help address a long list of conditions, and we think of hypnosis as a strategy to give you back control over the way you think, feel and behave regardless of the situation. Hypnosis gives you choice”.